Irresponsible Not To Know Why?


Irresponsible Not To Know Why? These days we talk about warming caused by greenhouse gases released due to human activities. Actually no serious person has any doubt that temperatures are noticeably higher than hundreds of yearsago. Thus the matter should not be neglected. We should not neglect either the point on how climate change became […]

Twenty climatologists urge federal investigation of climate scoffers


SOURCE: Physics Today   Twenty climatologists urge federal investigation of climate scoffers A Democratic senator’s Washington Post op-ed promoted the idea; conservative media observers revile it.·  Steven T. Corneliussen , 23 September 2015 Have climate scoffers earned official treatment under RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act? It originated nearly a half century ago […]

What Is Climate? Should Science Use a Layman’s Term?

sky-199154_960_720 ESSAYS  –  CONFERENCE-PAPERS “Is the term ‚climate’ too unspecific for a fruitful discussion?” A detailed analysis, 10 pages, in: hmtl, in; PDF 22nd International  Conference, Pacific Congress on Marine Science and Technology, June 1 – 5 June, 2010,University of  Hawai`i at  Hilo /USA   National Conference on  “Climate Change and Future Security“, ‘ Loyola Institute […]

Oceans make climate


BoD Book on Demand, 2012, Paperback  232 Pages, ISBN 978-3-8448-1284-8¸ € 22,50 At: BoD Book on Demand The Second World War stands for the criminal madness of German Nazi government. Less known is their responsibility for the only climatic shift from warm to cold in an otherwise constantly warming world over the last 150 years. […]