Human activities at sea contribute to warming. Science can test it in the Baltic Sea how it’s done.

The oceans are still the greatest unknown in the climate change scenario. Oceans cover 71% of Earth and they contain 99.93% of the therma l energy (“heat”) on the surface. Is it a too big issue for increasing understanding the matter? Certainly if you lump everything together! Progress requires selection! Focus on smaller regions, distinction between the Continue Reading

Climate, a term ignored by the most prominent treaty, the UNFCCC-1992

Abstract: While the debate on the climatic change issue has reached unprecedented global prominence over the recent years, the content is often a fierce clash of opinions rather than a fruitful discussion. One reason could be the use of insufficiently defined terms in climatology. The key term ‘climate’ is used by lay persons, politics, and Continue Reading


The most fascinating thing about the day on which the 1982 Law of the  Sea Convention comes into force in a few months’ time will presumably be the fact that hardly anyone will be fascinated. While the Earth Summit forced 170 countries to fly their leaders and delegates to Rio in order to plan the planet’s Continue Reading

The incapability of science to define weather and climate undermines a useful debate.

By this failure, they lie to themselves and to the public Posted: July 20, 2019, by Dr. Arnd Bernaerts, Translation from,  Amended: 25 July The English philosopher John Locke stated 350 years ago: The achievement of human knowledge is often hampered by the use of words without fixed meaning. This is now the case Continue Reading

Climate – A never ending Story?

Never for layman! – For science it should soon! Posted May 19, 2019 Let’s face it. Except on some religious and faith expressions, the word climate has managed to become the most magical common term in modern time. Our previous post explained, that the word has a several thousand year’s history, but, during the last Continue Reading

Ocean warming dominates the energy change for roughly 93%

About the aspect: Dimensions matter Posting: February 25, 2919 It looks miraculous how easily some scientists show how ocean temperatures behave.  But can it be taken seriously, if considering the vastness of the ocean, its low mean temperature (merely + 4°C), and its overriding impact on the global weather/climate system? Any research on global warming Continue Reading