Losing to radical environmentalism – Lesson for Skeptics

The Environmentalist Game Plan (1) x) Mission: Deindustrialize Civilization xx) Goal: Drive industrial corporations into Bankruptcy xxx) Strategy: Cut off the Supply of Cheap, Reliable Energy Tactics: –Raise the price of fossil fuels –Force the power grid to use expensive, unreliable renewables –emonize Nuclear energy –Spread fear of extraction technologies such as fracking –Increase regulatory Continue Reading

Is consensus about climate silly?

According NASA: “97 percent of climate scientists agree: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities.” (1) The Guardian is even blunter: “It’s settled: 90–100% of climate experts agree on human-caused global warming” (2) It looks compelling, but not everyone agrees.  “..[t]he claim of “scientific consensus” on the causes and Continue Reading


Potential-Nasa-climate-data-fraud h/t  P Gosselin on 25. July 2016 (NTZ) Tony Heller (HERE) calls the idea that it’s getting hotter “utter nonsense”, and being due to “station data loss and fabrication”, indicating that NASA “erased” the once unanimously agreed cooling from 1940 – 1970; (Fig. 1) Heller, who goes by the pseudo-name of Steve Goddard at Continue Reading

The 1430s: A Cold Period – Why?

The 1430s: A Cold Period – Why? Posted December 03, 2016; NOTE: Comments Section Activated A recent paper (A)  by 32 scientists assume, . No surprise that WUWT titled the story: “Cold Kills: The coldest decade of the millennium”, but merely asking: “cold kills, so why all the whining about warming?”(B), while remaining silent about Continue Reading

Why do models disagree on temperature variability?

Why do models disagree on temperature variability? Climate models have problems. The problems are as old as science attempts to understand climate change by model simulation. That will last until a thorough ocean observation system is in place, and overriding impact of the oceans on climate is accepted, understood and applied in climate sciences.. But the Continue Reading