Poland’s Cold Snap: ‘deadliest ever’ or: ‘most ignorant claim ever’?

“One of Poland’s deadliest-ever cold snaps killed at least 21 people over the weekend, with temperatures falling to -18C (-0.4F), officials say” reported BBC on January, Monday, 04. . Meteorology Services underline such incompetent reporting, e.g. weather.com, instead of informing the general public that 76 years ago air temperature plugged to record lows before mid-January Continue Reading

Quick Ice Age by Undersea Volcano

Undersea volcanic eruption has caused a Snowball Earth long ago. Recent papers (HERE, HERE) and blogs WUWT,  CLIMATE-ETC, ICEAGENOW showed interest concerning the impact on ocean warming, CO2 increase, and climate change. The problem is different: It could trigger a new ice age within a short period of time. The ocean is too big to Continue Reading