Quick Ice Age by Undersea Volcano

Undersea volcanic eruption has caused a Snowball Earth long ago. Recent papers (HERE, HERE) and blogs WUWT,  CLIMATE-ETC, ICEAGENOW showed interest concerning the impact on ocean warming, CO2 increase, and climate change. The problem is different: It could trigger a new ice age within a short period of time. The ocean is too big to Continue Reading

El Niño does not warm the world

When will climate science be able to distinguish clearly between a global-average manifestation of El Niño-driven global weather effects, and an explanation of global average warming associated with El Niño? Concerning the latter aspect the World Meteorology Organization seems not able and willing to do the simplest considerations (Hottest Year). The feature is about a Continue Reading

IPCC ignores human impact on atmospheric water vapor

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2007 IPCC Report) determine: “Water vapor is the most abundant and important greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. However, human activities have only a small direct influence on the amount of atmospheric water vapor.” IPCC is ignorant and wrong on the influence of human. Since industrialization human activities churn and Continue Reading

Skeptics should wake-up soon…

Incredible! But should skeptics blame not first themself when  “Al Gore and State Attorney Generals start another climate witch hunt? “*)                            Read the recent post (13 March 2016) – upper lines added 29 March A need to identify „Climate Criminals“? For Skeptics: YES!  Skeptics should wake-up soon on identifying explicit ‘climate criminals’, starting with Continue Reading