Records, Records, Records – Introduction to the unexpected

“We noticed this especially in the increasing mildness of the winters, which became more and more striking between 1900 and 1939, and surprisingly a series of three severe winters followed”, recalled M. Rodewald few years after the winter 1939/40 had taken reign (Rodewald, 1948). That was widely anticipated, but the term “severe winter” is rather Continue Reading

Winter 1939/40

C1. War brings ice age back The winter of 1939/40 does not only cover the first six months of a six year-long murderous war but it also marks the first very pronounced climatic shift into a cooling trend since the end of the Little Ice Age. The shift did not come as a gradual change Continue Reading

Man made climate – since 1850

Can people alter weather and climate? “Countries are obliged to protect and preserve the marine environment” requires the important International Convention on the Law of the Sea, of 1982. Strict compliance would be a substantial contribution to the preservation of weather and climate. Instead, the debate on climate change is about anthropogenic emissions of carbon Continue Reading

Oceans Govern Climate

The name “oceansgovernclimate” is program. Measures to protect climate without profound information and understanding of the oceans are costly, insufficient, and delay action to prevent anthropogenic “ocean change” that probably cause climate change. Since long we support the fascinating theory on the impact of naval war on climate, as outlined in the “Booklet on Naval Continue Reading

Are Oceans Warming?

That is a good question! Willis Eschenbach raised it at WUWT recently: HERE A convincing answer would be invaluable. For years a lot of opinions swirl around. Prof. R. Pielke Sr (2008) regards „monitoring of global average ocean heat content as the appropriate metric to assess global warming.” HERE The IPCC-2007 assumes a warming of Continue Reading