Ocean warming dominates the energy change for roughly 93%

About the aspect: Dimensions matter Posting: February 25, 2919 It looks miraculous how easily some scientists show how ocean temperatures behave.  But can it be taken seriously, if considering the vastness of the ocean, its low mean temperature (merely + 4°C), and its overriding impact on the global weather/climate system? Any research on global warming Continue Reading

Polar Vortex! Make Europe warmth the U.S.A. cold?

Distant Implication by the “Siberian Express”? Posted on 30th January 2018 (seven images added 01/31/19,  below) With an excerpt from the essay: Northern Europe’s Mild Winters, 2016  Temperatures plunged to minus 26°Celsius in Chicago and minus 35°C degrees in Madison, Wis., last night (01/30/19). A polar vortex is triggering the coldest Arctic outbreak in the Continue Reading

What is a winter in Europe?

A brief comparison between the early January 1940 and 2019  Posting: January 10, 2019 Our previous posting was about the question: “Is there another ‘Beast from the East’? The Met-Office considered it as possibility on January 03. More than a week later there is none, even though some places in Russia are currently cold but Continue Reading

Katowice on Climate Change – Adolf Hitler did it and the Conference ignores it!

How Naval War plunge Europe into Ice-Age condition after mere four months in January 1940. Post 12 December 2018 Several thousands of climate experts from around the world arrived for a conference on climate change, hoping to find a way the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change (adopted in December 2015). In Katowice, Continue Reading