James Hansen’s Blindness

James Hansen’s Blindness on Big Climatic Events posted January 23, 2017 – Comments welcome Massive Data Tampering Uncovered At NASA? The subject was recently discussed at NTZ (and illustrated with multiple graphs). With regard to two events they indicate simultaneously the same:  A steep rise in temperature after World War One (WWI), and a large Continue Reading

Ignorant Windfarm Industry

Ignorant Windfarm Industry – Now Off Rhode Island Posted January 24, 2017 “Now testing the waters: Wind power”, titles the NYT an article concerning the first US off shore wind farm about three miles off Rhode Island. The operating started in last December. Reading the article and the company’s environmental assessment, one can only wonder Continue Reading

Warm-Up 1918-1939 explained for Dr. Judith Curry and other

Warm-Up 1918-1939 explained for Dr. Judith Curry and other   Posted : February 12, 2017 /Comments welcome /  Source and Credit:  “Arctic Warming 1919-1939” In a previous post we praised Dr. Judith Curry for her recent statement that “……the models fail to simulate the observed warming between 1910 and 1940.” (Fig.1) Here is our explanation: Continue Reading