War Changes Climate – The Naval War Effect

Trafford publication 2006, Canada Black and White, 177 page  War Changes Climate – The Naval War Effect Published: 6/23/2006; Format: Perfect Bound Softcover , Pages: 190, Size: 7×10; ISBN: 978-1-41209-059-9, Print Type: B/W; Price $19.24 & BOD publication 2007, D- Norderstedt COLORED EDITION black & White and color, 224 pages http://www.warchangesclimate.com/ Final Chapter F. Time Continue Reading

Climate Change & Naval War

Scope and Aim The presentation seeks to demonstrate that the industrialized world contributed to at least two significant climatic changes during the 20th century. Large-scale anthropogenic weather modification and climatic changes resulted from two destructive sea wars. This became particularly obvious when an arctic winter befell Northern Europe only four months after World War II Continue Reading

Oceans make climate

BoD Book on Demand, 2012, Paperback  232 Pages, ISBN 978-3-8448-1284-8¸ € 22,50 At: BoD Book on Demand The Second World War stands for the criminal madness of German Nazi government. Less known is their responsibility for the only climatic shift from warm to cold in an otherwise constantly warming world over the last 150 years. Continue Reading