Besides….Two Essays 1993/94 William S. Richardson School of Law; University of Hawaii L.O.S. Lieder it 28/36, 1993/94, Professional correspondence from the Law of the Sea Institute, William S. Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaii. WARMING UP – SCIENCE OR CLIMATE The climatic change issue has recently become one of the most serious challenges facing Continue Reading

War Changes Climate – The Naval War Effect

Trafford publication 2006, Canada Black and White, 177 page  War Changes Climate – The Naval War Effect Published: 6/23/2006; Format: Perfect Bound Softcover , Pages: 190, Size: 7×10; ISBN: 978-1-41209-059-9, Print Type: B/W; Price $19.24 & BOD publication 2007, D- Norderstedt COLORED EDITION black & White and color, 224 pages http://www.warchangesclimate.com/ Final Chapter F. Time Continue Reading

Northern Europe’s Mild Winters

Northern Europe’s Mild Winters. Contributions from Offshore Industry, Ships, Fishery, et cetera? Abstract: The marine environment of North Sea and Baltic is one of the most heavily strained by numerous human activities. Simultaneously water and air temperatures increase more than elsewhere in Europe and globally, which cannot be explained with ‘global warming’. The climatic change Continue Reading


COMMENT  Wikipedia is an extreme important and helpful tool, and deserve great support and respect. That requires competent administrators, highest impartiality, impeccable correctness and a good sense of fairness for judging complex matters. That applies also in one of the most controversial issues of modern time, the climate change issue (see WUWT, below), according the Continue Reading

Dr. Arnd Bernaerts Disappeared

Dr. Arnd Bernaerts Disappeared 2016/04/25 by Ron Clutz As happened in Soviet Russia, Climate revisionists are rewriting history. Judith Curry was one of 20 leading climate scientists according to the “Climate Council” based in Australia. But in March 2016, the list was reduced to 19, and Dr Curry disappeared (here). Now the biography of Arnd Bernaerts Continue Reading