Hurricane Patricia: ‘strongest ever’ storm hits Mexico now! California had four in September 1939

A serious EL Niño event  is active! Strongest hurricane ever recorded, Patricia is expected Friday 23. October 2015 __Hurricane Patricia: Mexico awaits ‘strongest ever’ storm (BBC: 23/10 ,16h UTC) How was it in California September 1939, with four storms, heat wave, heavy rain and ….the only tropical storm to make landfall in California in Continue Reading

El Niño – To be, or not to be

Weather will get interesting over the next months. Speculations are high. A rapidly strengthening El Niño event will likely peak later this fall as one of the strongest El Niño event ever observed (24/09).  There is an approximately 95% chance that El Niño will continue through Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, gradually weakening through spring 2016 Continue Reading

El Niño – Shaping Europe’s winter?

What will strongest ever El Niño, widely named ‘Godzilla’, do to Europe’s coming winter?    Generally, El Niño could cause a jet stream configuration to allow for cold air at times into West-Europe, says accuweather. NOAA forecast predicts differently (Fig), temperatures well above mean. 1939 was as also an El Niño year, but Europe suffered Continue Reading

Is Climate Science a Monster?

Skeptics are doing what scientists are supposed to do, that is disproving the AGW hypothesis, reminded Tim Ball in a recent WUWT comment [19. September.], when some IPCC members required to launch criminal charges against “climate deniers”. Of course such talking is ridiculous and irresponsible. But can Tim Ball require more serious behavior? Are skeptics Continue Reading

Climate variability linked to solar variations – Correct??

“Although the solar effect on the North Atlantic Oscillation explains only a few percent of the total variance, the close relationship between solar activity and phase North Atlantic Oscillation is an important indicator to improve the predictability of climate variability” say GEOMAR (press-release 15. Sept. 2015) “Rising global temperatures since the industrial revolution cannot be Continue Reading