Polar Vortex! Make Europe warmth the U.S.A. cold?

Distant Implication by the “Siberian Express”? Posted on 30th January 2018 (seven images added 01/31/19,  below) With an excerpt from the essay: Northern Europe’s Mild Winters, 2016  Temperatures plunged to minus 26°Celsius in Chicago and minus 35°C degrees in Madison, Wis., last night (01/30/19). A polar vortex is triggering the coldest Arctic outbreak in the Continue Reading

What is a winter in Europe?

A brief comparison between the early January 1940 and 2019  Posting: January 10, 2019 Our previous posting was about the question: “Is there another ‘Beast from the East’? The Met-Office considered it as possibility on January 03. More than a week later there is none, even though some places in Russia are currently cold but Continue Reading

Katowice on Climate Change – Adolf Hitler did it and the Conference ignores it!

How Naval War plunge Europe into Ice-Age condition after mere four months in January 1940. Post 12 December 2018 Several thousands of climate experts from around the world arrived for a conference on climate change, hoping to find a way the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change (adopted in December 2015). In Katowice, Continue Reading