The ‘Beast from the East’ – Off-Shore windfarms paves the way – Spring 2018

Europe’s cold snap inevitable man-made? Watch out! Post 24. February 2018 Recently we discussed here: “Europe winter free – Thanks to off-shore windfarms?”; showing that when reginal seas are cooled to ‘unusual levels’, Siberian icy cold air can easily travel to the Atlantic shore. Something similar just occurs right now outside. Don’t believe that this Continue Reading

Serious Terms? Climate Sensitivity? Natural Warming?

 Bad Definitions? – Negligent climate science? Post: 15th April 2018; Reference: A clear language matters. Meaningful definitions are essential in science. Climatic science seems a hopeless case in this respect. They brought themselves to prominence three decades ago, but for them “Climate in a narrow sense is usually defined as the average weather”. It Continue Reading

“The science of climate change causing wars is not solid” – Vice-versa is correct!

Still ignored that naval wars changed climate Posted: 01 May 2018 A recent guest essay by Albert Parker at WUWT, (28. April 2018) states: “There have been many recent claims that “climate change” was the reason for conflicts, with also the war in Syria explained by the anthropogenic carbon dioxide emission. However, this is not Continue Reading