“Most of the people going to Paris will know nothing about the climatology or climate science. They will not know or want to know that the science used as the basis for the conference is a creation of corrupted people who hide behind rules created for a completely different purpose”, is the verdict of Tim Ball [at WUWT – 27 Nov. 2015].

Few decades ago the late Chair of Canada’s national Climate Program Planning Board (1992-202), F. Kenneth Hare. said this about Climatology: “You hardly heard the word professionally in the 1940s. It was a layman’s word. Climatologists were the halt and the lame. And as for the climatologists in public service, in the British service you actually, had to be medically disabled in order to get into the climatological division ! Climatology was a menial occupation that came on the pecking scale somewhat below the advertising profession.” In Bulletin American Meteorological Society , 1979, p. 1171-74.

The lesson from this is, neither understood the subject climate,
nor something learned from F. Kenneth Hare’s finding.

Ref: Tim Ball; An Important Lesson On The Anniversary of Climategate. [27 November 2015]