Climate variability in the North Atlantic is atmosphere driven a new study claims. [ScienceDaily, 15 October 2015] explaining: that the pattern of the AMO*) can be accounted for by atmospheric circulation alone, without any role for the ocean circulation.

Is that serious? The AMO pattern is based on statistical analyses of observational and proxy climate data. If the study compares climate models that include ocean circulation with climate models that have no ocean circulation, and concludes that ocean circulation may not play as prominent a role as previously thought, the researcher ignore the difference in dimension involved. The correlation between sea and air is about 1:1000. Small difference (howsoever explained) not rectify to question that the North Atlantic is the principle driver of regional temperatures and weather.

*) AMO – Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation.
ScienceDaily : University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science. “New study questions long-held theories of climate variability in the North Atlantic: Atmosphere appears to drive decades-long climate variations.” ScienceDaily, 15 October 2015.